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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Convert Graffiti 2 to Graffiti 1 on Palm device


Ever since Xerox's lawsuit against PalmSource over its Unistrokes patent, PalmSource has replaced good old Graffiti with Graffiti 2 which is based on CIC's Jot input method. Although Graffiti 2 works close towards natural handwriting, majority of veteran users of Palm devices find Graffiti 2 to be less efficient and prefer to stick with original Graffiti which they have grown to love over the years.

This fix is only a temporary measure to prolong Graffiti use on existing devices and is not expected to be available for the next generation Palm OS (version 6 or officially called "Cobalt"). PalmSource will never is unlikely to revert to the original Graffiti and it would be best to re-train to use Graffiti 2 or get a third party software like TealScript or get a device with a thumbboard. In the extreme case if you choose to, get a PPC instead since Graffiti method of entry is available on it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-official modification and its use is at your sole discretion.

This is a Graffiti 1 conversion for Palm Zire 71, Tungsten C and Tungsten E/T2/T3 users. The files were taken from the Tungsten T.


For those with more recent Palm PDA like LifeDrive and TX, you may need to use this version:

Igor's modified Graffiti 1 Libraries - G14OS54.zip

Procedure to install:

1. Beam or copy the 2 database .pdb files (Graffiti_Library.pdb & Graffiti_Library_enUS.pdb) to the target handheld you want to install original Graffiti on. You should copy to the SD or MMC card first, then use normal copy to transfer over to your Palm. DO NOT HOTSYNC DIRECT TO THE PALM'S RAM.

Additional step for Tapwave Zodiac users:

1a. Using Filez on the Zodiac, look at the Details of 'Graffiti Library' and change the VersionID: to a value greater than 524 and Save.

2. Perform a soft reset (simply press the device's reset hole on the back), and you're set to start enjoying original Graffiti again.

Why this works: The OS loads RAM as first priority if files of the same name exist in both RAM and ROM.

Procedure to uninstall without a hard reset.

1. In FileZ, go to the Details form for each database(Graffiti_Library.pdb & Graffiti_Library_enUS.pdb). Change both the name and creator code of the two databases.

2. Soft reset your device.

3. Return to Filez again and delete the two databases.

Why this works: Palm OS does not allow the files currently utilised by the system to be deleted however it will allow changes to attributes or info. After a soft reset, the system will be unable to load the modified database files so it will instead use the ones within the ROM.

MiddleCaps Hack replacement

For those who are used to MiddleCaps Hack for uppercase entry by writing across the boundary between the alpha/non-alpha region of the silkscreen, the solution is to install the freeware called CrossingOver.


Kevin Martin said...

Worked perfectly on my T|X and Zod2. Last time I tried this it was an exercise in frustration -- this time it Just Worked. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Graffiti 2 has been driving me crazy ever since I bought my Palm TX. I've had it for almost 2 years now and I'm convinced Graffiti 2 will ALWAYS be slower. Back to Graffiti 1 now and I LOVE IT.

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

The most missing SW on my TX. Works great. THANK YOU! I`m happy now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Graffiti 2 was driving me crazy!!!

Paolo said...

Thank you very much!
Graffiti 2 is /usable/, but graffiti 1 is fast!!

KHRoN said...

Thanks for post and link - it is still useful after many years while moving from "old" m515 to "new" T3! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

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