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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Singapore Bus Guide for iPhone and iPod touch

Update: Transit is available in modmyifone installer repository and in the installer repository at potty.peeinmypantz.com. (New site seems to be offline for now)

There is now a free Singapore Bus Guide app for iPhone or iPod touch based on the Singapore Bus Guide data.

Transit is an iPhone native application that functions as Singapore Bus Guide. http://code.google.com/p/iphone-transit/

There is also a Singapore MRT guide for iPhone or iPod Touch.

Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch to test them out.

Check out the app in this blurry and shaky video:


honcheng said...

i'm the author of Transit for iPhone/iPod touch.

I no longer maintain the googlecode site, so the latest version won't be available there... iPhone/iPod users can find it at my repository http://potty.peeinmypantz.com

Transit is looking good now, will probably post a video here soon since u can't test it out

Anonymous said...

Hey Honcheng,

Does your application tell me what bus or buses I could take if I give a starting and ending destination?

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