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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Singapore Bus Guide for Isilo & Plucker

Singapore Bus Guide on Palm screenshots

This is a simple unofficial electronic version of the Singapore bus guide for access on mobile devices supporting Isilo reader or Plucker. Both reader file formats are available in either PPC/WinMob and Palm OS Devices. Isilo is also available for Symbian S60 3rd edition devices (Isilo for Symbian S60 3rd Edition).

The bus guide has the full listings by bus numbers and road names for both SBSTransit and SMRT bus services. It also lists bus services at specific bus stops plying specific roads to allow easy cross-referencing when planning bus transfers.

Disclaimer: The data for Singapore Bus Guide is presented as-is. The author does not warrant the accuracy of the data provided or any failure resulting from its use. Use at your own risk.

The files are offered free-of-charge for personal use. Please feel free to share and pass it around.

Download the Singapore Bus Guide for Isilo or Plucker.

You will require the respective etext readers depending on the version you download. Follow instructions as per your device's OS for transferring programs and databases.

You may download the respective programs from the following sites.

Isilo format: Isilo reader, for both PPC/WinMob and Palm OS Devices. Non-free software.
Isilo for Symbian S60 3rd Edition. Non-free software.
Plucker format: Plucker, for Palm OS. GPL Free software.
For PPC Windows Mobile users, use Vade Mecum. Free software.

Tips for Palm OS users

For Palm OS users, you may pair it off with the Bus Guide for Palm. This Bus Guide app allows you to find the connecting buses based on your origin and destination point. Do note that this program has not been updated for a long time so it may not give correct results. However it can roughly help you to plan the general route you can take to you reach your destination especially for unfamiliar locations.

Singapore Bus Guide in HTML format

This version is specifically catered for 'the rest of us' who do not use Palm or Windows Mobile devices but have devices such as Symbian OS phones with web browsers that have the ability to read HTML files. It also provides a means for users to easily convert it to other file formats.

For Symbian S60 OS users

To use the HTML files, copy all the files in a folder on your phone memory or memory card. Use the file manager to locate the folder and execute busguideindex.html. It should launch the browser with the bus guide main page. Bookmark the current page so you can easily access it via the web browser. Alternatively, you can manually create the bookmark in the S60 web browser using the address "E:/yourfolder/busguideindex.html"(omit quotes) where yourfolder is the name of the folder where the files are placed.

Download the HTML version here.
Other useful stuff

For the MRT guide, refer to this excellent app called MetrO.

If you have any feedback or comments, click here.

Credits: Thanks to Ethan Tan, the developer of Bus Guide for Palm, for developing the original parser.


Update (2 May 2010): General bus service updates. (354 buses, 781 roads, 5619 stops).

Update (8 June 2009): General bus service updates. (355 buses, 774 roads, 5610 stops).

Important note: There is currently no identifier for Premium flat fare services however it can be located for services with "0.0" for all fare stages.

Update (17 July 2008): General bus service updates. (360 buses, 771 roads, 5608 stops). Removed debugging comments from HTML code(road lists).

Update (4 November 2007): General bus service updates. (327 buses, 763 roads, 5555 stops).

Update (17 July 2007): General bus service updates. (325 buses, 769 roads, 5539 stops). Fixed broken StopID code caused by new fare calculation column. Removed debugging comments from HTML code(bus lists).

Update (16 May 2007): General bus service updates. (310 buses, 770 roads, 5573 stops)

Update (23 March 2007): General bus service updates. (317 buses, 767 roads, 5589 stops). Fixed missing road name for first bus stop in direction 2.

Update (29 January 2007): General bus service updates. (316 buses, 766 roads, 5610 stops)

Update (20 July 2006): General bus service updates.

Update (27 March 2006): General bus service updates. Tidied up data in road index. Removed bookmarks for Isilo, found to be redundant.

Update (16 December 2005): General bus service updates

Update (14 November 2005): Minor update for Plucker version. Added link to jump between route directions.

Update (26 October 2005): General bus service updates

Update (20 August 2005): General bus service updates

Update (28 March 2005): General bus service updates and correction of certain errors caused by poor code during compiling.

Update (11 March 2005): General bus service updates

Update (22 October 2004): High-res font support for Isilo(for supported devices). More detailed cross referencing by bus stops instead of roads. Separated individual alphabetized list of roads with bus stops for faster retrieval. Added bookmarks for quick access to index pages (for Isilo).

Updated (13 October 2004): Included cross referencing to road index for bus routes.

Updated (4 October 2004): Latest bus service changes. New reader version! Singapore Bus Guide for Plucker.


ian said...

Hi... have you tried isilox-ing the sg yellow pages? Would it be similar to isilox-ing the Bus Guide? Seems that the Bus Guide is easier since there are no advertisements... so using the clipper to follow links would probably clip relevant data. Just a thought...

Roy said...

The bus guide was processed and preformatted before converting to the reader format.

Its not really that simple to just isilox the entire yellowpages website since it grabs everything.

Eugene Tan said...

Hi Roy,
thanks for bus guide. Cheers.

Cooper said...

Thanks for the bus guide!

Andy said...

Hi Roy,

I have got this error message when I tried viewing the plucker version of Bus guide: "This device cannot handle ZLib compressed documents". I am using Plucker version 1.8 with Treo 650. Do you know what's wrong? Thanks.

b0h said...

hey, thanks for the hardwork..really really appreciate it :D

kai said...

could u create in html or in pdf format pls? my n80 does not support isilo. if u can email me (via my homepage it would be great. now i think isilo is not intending to make isilo for s60 v3 platform due to poor demand for the current symbian version.

Roy said...

HTML format now available. :) Convert to whatever format you desire.

devious_fx said...

Thanks for the bus guide!

Parsed it into TXT format for you (only the route information). Loads nicely into your NDS, PSP, or even the tiny iPod nano.


Nick said...

Roy, in your latest march update, the information for bus 45 is wrong. It isn't a loop service. The one in your Jan update was correct.

Roy said...

Thanks for the correction Nick! I have fixed it so it should be correct in the next update. :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any singapore map (without GPS receiver) for Blackberry Pearl?

Roy said...

I am not familiar with the BB Pearl. But if it has a web browser and internet connection, you may access the can.com.sg map at http://www.can.com.sg/imode/map.html

Ashwin said...

If you are using a nokia symbian phone you can visit my blog to see how to get your bus guide to work on the phone. I have tried 4 methods and only 1 is working.. Thank you for the bus guide too!

Anonymous said...

hi roy,

thanks for the bus guide, will u be updating it in the near future?

Roy said...

I will update it when there are significant updates. Probably middle of the year but no guarantees.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Roy, your efforts are very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest update =)

Anonymous said...


thanks for updating the Bus Guide all these years...


Adrian Pang Jia Hui said...

Amazing job with the updates. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Will there be an updated version of the bus guide soon?

Roy said...

There doesn't seem to be any major route changes so I am less keen to compile one. If you can provide me with service number/s with at least a number of significant changes then I'll definitely update it.

Anonymous said...

I see that there is an update... Thanks! Just curious, why a sudden change of mind?

Roy said...

I compared the data and found quite a number of changes so decided to update and it will soon be one year since the last update. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha... No worries. Thanks for the update, Roy! Much appreciated for your effort. :)

Anonymous said...

Sir, when are you going android?

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