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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jeff Hawkins and his Treo

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm Inc, tells PalmAddicts about his Treo 700p and how he uses it.

Here's the extract 'link-ified':

Sammy, I have a Treo 700p on Sprint. My usage is probably typical. Major applications for me are Palm email via Palm’s VersaMail and push EAS, Numenta email via Snapper Mail IMAP, of course I use our SMS app constantly, and I am a big web user on my Treo. I browse everywhere but check news (Yahoo, BBC, and International Herald Tribute mobile which is pretty much the New York Times) and Google often.

Some less typical apps are TomTom navigator while driving, AcidImage for image viewer, TideTool a very cool app for tides and currents (I sail), Google Maps, On Demand for weather, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, Klondike solitaire, TCPMP for movies, pTunes for audio Spanish lessons, plus a few other apps.

My typical day starts in bed checking my calendar, a quick scan of email to see if something important needs attention, and quick read of news.

Throughout the day I use my Treo for email, voice calling, sms, and other miscellaneous things. I often watch movies on my Treo while traveling on a plane. I have a 4G SD card which can hold 6 full length movies. With a stereo headset and a pair of reading glasses it is quite good. My family often take pictures and we email them to each other as a way to stay in touch. As you might expect, I use my Treo all the time.

Source: PalmAddicts

Monday, March 12, 2007

When is the bus coming?

SBS Transit has an online information service known as iris (Intelligent Route Information System) which can help you plan your bus trips. One of these services is the NextBus, which the name itself describes, estimates the time the next bus will take to arrive at a particular bus stop. This is especially useful for mobile users as this can be easily accessed on a mobile phone that has a web browser.

iris NextBus is our latest iris service and it offers bus arrival time estimation on a real time basis. You now have the convenience of knowing how many minutes away your bus is from your bus stop or how long more before the next bus departs from the bus interchange. iris NextBus is on trial at the moment and we would like to invite you to be among the first to try out the service and give us your feedback. This will help us enhance iris NextBus to serve you better.
Overview of iris (Intelligent Route Information System) | iris NextBus @ mobile devices

You can easily access the mobile page at www.sbstransit.com.sg/mobileiris. You enter the bus service and the bus stop number which can be found on the bus stop pole. It will then display the number of minutes expected for the bus to arrive.

Unfortunately the information is limited to SBS Transit's fleet of buses so SMRT bus users will have to continue to wait patiently at the bus stop.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

iPhone UI for Windows Mobile

We have seen the mock-up program launchers mimicking the iPhone for Palm and Windows Mobile. Now a Malaysian programmer has gone one step further and made the slide lock and flick scroll features seen on the iPhone.

From the developer's (tzywen.com):
For a few days before Chinese New Year, I've actually been quite busy developing my very own iPhone interface for the PocketPC. After looking at the functions and interface on the iPhone, I was keen on bringing it over to my Eten M600 PPC. The iPhone interface was pratical, looked neat and it was way cooler than any wm5 theme. And it was unique as well. "Slide to Unlock" The iPhone home screen. The iPhone iPod scrolling effect. Watch the video below to see it in action. Everything is written using PPL1.20. PPL can be downloaded for free from http://arianesoft.ca Although this looks like an iPhone, it will never be an iPhone. But until it is released in July this year, all we can do is to try and imitate. I posted the video on youtube.
See it in action: iPhone UI for Windows Mobile I can hear Apple's lawyers knocking on his door... :D