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Monday, December 26, 2005

Singapore Parking Info on your Palm

Parking List on List app

The following parking database contains car park rates for most of the major buildings in Singapore. It can be used as a quick reference prior to plunging your car [and wallet] into the devastating fate of exorbitant parking charges.

Don't blow a hole in your wallet like this driver. Abstract from SPUG:

I went to one of those underground carparks where the charges are not displayed at the entrance but right at the gantry. When I reached the gantry and read the charges, I found it to be rather exorbitant($5/entry) and decided that I will not park inside. As there were already other vehicles behind (and even if there weren't, I don't think I am capable to reverse drive 10~20m along several bends), I decided that I shall just go in and drive-out. Surely I will be out within the grace period and will therefore not incur any charges. Well that u-turn in the carpark which took me around 1 min cost me $5.

Parking List files
Download List app for Palm OS, and
Download Parking PDB for List (includes CSV used to create .pdb)

Install the .prc and .pdb files according to standard Palm installation procedures. All files are provided by the respective owners and are FREE.

Why List app?

Its a simple and free Palm OS database app which has a built-in search feature. I find that it suits this parking data well instead of building an app specifically for it. It supports multiple databases so the user is not limited to using only the parking rates database and can create other databases if desired.

Why not use [fill in your favourite app]?

You can use any app you desire since the CSV text file for the data is included. The CSV data is the raw data used to create the database for the List app so there should not be any difference when you view the data for your own app. The List app merely provides a way to arrange and present the data for easier access.

For non Palm OS device users:

The CSV (comma separated value) text file is included in the ZIP file with the List PDB file. You can view and edit the CSV in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel and OpenOffice Calc or any text editor. Some minor editing may be required as it was created specifically for the List app.

For Treo users:

Some Treo users may experience auto-resets when using the latest version of List app. It is recommended that you use an older version, preferably 1.01, if you encounter such a problem. If the problem persists, it is recommended that you stop using List app. You can recompile the included CSV into other formats supported by other Palm apps.


Every reasonable care was taken to reproduce the data, however the accuracy of the database to the actual parking rates may be questionable. Hence there is no warranty for its use and all users should use at their own risk.


24 June 2010: Data updated. 697 entries.
23 December 2008: Data updated. 655 entries.
6 July 2008: Data updated. 619 entries.
10 March 2008: Data updated. 537 entries.
2 December 2007: Data updated. 501 entries.
9 July 2007: Data updated. 461 entries.
21 July 2006: Data updated

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Singapore Public Holidays for Palm

This will be the permalink for all future updates.

I have created DBA files for use in Palm Desktop with the public holidays for every year. You will find DBA files for public holidays and school holidays (phXXXX.dba and shXXXX.dba respectively where XXXX denotes the calendar year for that file).

Public Holidays 2012 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2011 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2010 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2009 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2008 with School Holidays

Launch Palm Desktop and import the file into your Datebook/Calendar. Data obtained from www.sg and MOE website.

To keep updated on future updates, just visit here by year's end to see if the following year's files are added. If not then just leave a comment to remind me. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ebooks on your java-enabled phone

Readmaniac is an ebook java midlet for java-enabled phones. It is extremely small in size (below 100kb) yet big in features supporting standard text files, Palm doc files (.pdb) and even zipped files among other popular portable formats. It comes default with some clear looking fonts of various sizes. It supports bookmarks, search and other powerful features that make this app a great addition to java phones instead of just having games.

ReadManiac - Electronic book reader for java-enabled phones

Saturday, November 05, 2005

PDF on Palm Too

Following up our review of native PDF readers, there is now a good working PDF reader for Palm known as PalmPDF. Best of all its free and open source! PalmPDF is based on Xpdf and the latest version 0.5 is by far close to an ideal PDF reader even though its still in alpha test phase.

There are resolution settings that allow you to configure the best performance based on your Palm device's available memory resources. I have tested it on my Zodiac 2 in Black and White and Grey scale mode which are stable after running it on a few PDF of over 60 pages without problems. Dragging, scrolling, zooming the page is smooth though it tends to take a while when loading up subsequent pages. Landscape and Portrait modes work well. Colour mode tends to force a reset even though it shows sufficient heap memory available.

This is by far a very good PDF software and I expect it to improve and become a fine work like what TCPMP did for media.

Friday, October 28, 2005

PDF on Palm

You could say native support for PDF files is sorely lacking for Palm OS devices. You can certainly use great document viewers like Repligo to convert and view but that requires one extra step to reach your PDF content. There is however a way to get that feature back on your Palm.

Some time back when Sony was a Palm OS licensee with their Clie line, they provided a software called Picsel Browser that enables one to view native PDF including a few other document formats like Word. With Sony Clie no more in the picture and the company behind the Picsel Browser, Picsel Technologies, providing the software in specific devices, Palm users are left in the cold.

Now some Palm enthusiasts managed to extract that software and make it functional on other Palm OS devices. And couple with the aid of a software called CodeDiver, Picsel Browser can now be used in fullscreen mode. Here's a screen capture of my Zodiac with an opened PDF in fullscreen glory.

PS: Due to copyright issues, do not request for the files here. Remember, Google is your friend.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Controlling your desktop with Palm

I have been looking around for Palm software that can allow me to control the PC desktop via bluetooth using the Palm, somewhat like a remote controller. Many would recommend VNC like PalmVNC but the speed over BT is terrible. A WIFI connection and a fast processor is highly recommended since it literally projects your PC screen on your Palm. Falling short of these requirements will result in a less than desirable experience. There has to be a better remote control softaare.

Recently Salling Clicker, which has been available for the Mac, released its Windows version. You can use PDA devices like Palm or WM and even certain models of mobile phones. It includes three controls for iTunes, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint within the standard install which work very well. Also included are mouse control and a few system controls like shutdown and volume mute. Its possible to extend it to work on other applications but some level of Jscript or Vbscript is required so most consumers will just have to wait for more scripts to be released to support their favourite software. At the price tag of US$23.95 its too pricey for its limited control support. But its simplicity and usability is excellent for no fuss operation.

Finally we come to a good free Palm software that can literally do what your mouse and keyboard can by using the Palm. Pebbles Remote Commander transmits to the PC the movements and taps of the stylus and characters entered into the PDA. It includes access to a full map QWERTY keyboard which include access to keys like key modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) and the directional control keys.

Overall I would use both Salling Clicker and Remote Commander depending on the PC software I wish to control.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Scheduled Hotsync on Palm

I have been looking around for some solution to perform proper scheduled hotsync on my Palm for quite some time and finally found the answer after listening to the latest 1src.com Podcast about scheduled VFS backup. It uses a free app called Crony which can schedule simple tasks like playing back alarm or executing your apps at predetermined times. And best of all its FREE! :)

Once you have installed Crony, you setup a new task. Set the checkbox to start app and select Hotsync as the app, click button and use 1003 for ID(I took some time to trial and error just to find that ID). Set the times accordingly and set it to "ON" in the main screen. You may like to test it at least once by enabling "ALL" for the times to see if it works properly. Remember to reset the time after you have successfully tested it.

There are probably other dedicated apps out there that work just a well but so far this is one of the best apps I have found. You really can't beat FREE. ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Power to the end

Palm devices have a system protection to disable SD card slot and other peripherals when it reaches a critical battery level. This critical level is quite high since its meant to prevent your RAM contents from wipeout due to complete battery drain.

The Fullpower for OS5 devices will squeeze the last ounce of power from your Palm.

Fullpower download | Some discussion at 1src.com

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Singapore CableTV Schedules

I have made a page which self-updates with direct links to the Starhub CableTV channels for quick access. All links point direct to the respective programme schedules on Starhub's website so nothing is stored on server. This was initially created to provide easy access to pages for offline viewing on PDAs. It may also be used to quickly access all relevant channels which the user has subscribed to.

You may access the links with this if you only need the basic package channels. You may access the additional channels here. The numbers (ie. 1234567) at the end of the URL denote the additional channels and you may omit the channels you do not require, ie. 123 or 3567 or 357 etc. Play around with the numbers and it should be obvious to you. You are advised to select the channels you need to reduce the time for retrieving them.

There are also parameter options that include showing schedules for 2 days and a week by appending &period=2days or &period=wk at the end. See the following:

Schedules for 2 days

Schedules for the week

NOTE: Please be gentle with Starhub's server by not downloading all channels for the entire week if you are using for an offline reader. Limit yourself to a 2 days option since the more channels means a longer time to download.

Do leave comments and feedback with the "Post comment" with this blog entry if you notice any updates or errors not reflected in the channel schedules.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Mobile Selections

Update (19 Jan 2007): The latest update list can be accessed from http://snipurl.com/molife.

Here's a shot list of links to sites which formatted for mobile devices. I will add on to it when I got time. :)

BBC Interactive
Business Times Online
Channel NewsAsia
Straits Times Interactive

Yahoo! Mobile

Changi Airport Arrival/Departure
Singapore Lottery
Singapore Street Directory
CNA TV Guide
MediaCorp TV

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Graffiti 1 for palmOne T5 & Treo 650

From 1Src forums, someone has managed to patch the Graffiti Library files to work on the palmOne T5 and Treo 650.


Follow the instructions for installing the files here.

The Core Pocket Media Player for PalmOS

Finally there is a mediaplayer on the PalmOS that actually works well on a Palm OS5 PDA. Under the open source development at CoreCodec, The Core Pocket Media Player for PalmOS is currently in pre-alpha testing phase but the feedback from users have been a unanimous thumbs-up. Now you can playback most major media formats like DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, OGM, MKV. It also supports sounds formats like MP3 and OGG. And best of all its open-source and free! The Core Pocket Media Player for PalmOS

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Singapore Transport Guide for Palm

I really want this! :)

SG Transport Guide

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Singapore Bus Guide for ListDB

I have converted the data for the Bus Guide to ListDB format after a request from a fellow Palm user. I didn't intend to do it at first but since I had the data I decided to try it out and found that it was very simple to convert using the listpc program.

The database only shows you the road names with the respective bus services. This is good for those who require something simple instead of the more comprehensive Isilo and Plucker versions I had released.

Download Bus Guide for ListDB

Updates (4 January 2006): Data updated.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Convert Graffiti 2 to Graffiti 1 on Palm device


Ever since Xerox's lawsuit against PalmSource over its Unistrokes patent, PalmSource has replaced good old Graffiti with Graffiti 2 which is based on CIC's Jot input method. Although Graffiti 2 works close towards natural handwriting, majority of veteran users of Palm devices find Graffiti 2 to be less efficient and prefer to stick with original Graffiti which they have grown to love over the years.

This fix is only a temporary measure to prolong Graffiti use on existing devices and is not expected to be available for the next generation Palm OS (version 6 or officially called "Cobalt"). PalmSource will never is unlikely to revert to the original Graffiti and it would be best to re-train to use Graffiti 2 or get a third party software like TealScript or get a device with a thumbboard. In the extreme case if you choose to, get a PPC instead since Graffiti method of entry is available on it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-official modification and its use is at your sole discretion.

This is a Graffiti 1 conversion for Palm Zire 71, Tungsten C and Tungsten E/T2/T3 users. The files were taken from the Tungsten T.


For those with more recent Palm PDA like LifeDrive and TX, you may need to use this version:

Igor's modified Graffiti 1 Libraries - G14OS54.zip

Procedure to install:

1. Beam or copy the 2 database .pdb files (Graffiti_Library.pdb & Graffiti_Library_enUS.pdb) to the target handheld you want to install original Graffiti on. You should copy to the SD or MMC card first, then use normal copy to transfer over to your Palm. DO NOT HOTSYNC DIRECT TO THE PALM'S RAM.

Additional step for Tapwave Zodiac users:

1a. Using Filez on the Zodiac, look at the Details of 'Graffiti Library' and change the VersionID: to a value greater than 524 and Save.

2. Perform a soft reset (simply press the device's reset hole on the back), and you're set to start enjoying original Graffiti again.

Why this works: The OS loads RAM as first priority if files of the same name exist in both RAM and ROM.

Procedure to uninstall without a hard reset.

1. In FileZ, go to the Details form for each database(Graffiti_Library.pdb & Graffiti_Library_enUS.pdb). Change both the name and creator code of the two databases.

2. Soft reset your device.

3. Return to Filez again and delete the two databases.

Why this works: Palm OS does not allow the files currently utilised by the system to be deleted however it will allow changes to attributes or info. After a soft reset, the system will be unable to load the modified database files so it will instead use the ones within the ROM.

MiddleCaps Hack replacement

For those who are used to MiddleCaps Hack for uppercase entry by writing across the boundary between the alpha/non-alpha region of the silkscreen, the solution is to install the freeware called CrossingOver.

Singapore Bus Guide for Isilo & Plucker

Singapore Bus Guide on Palm screenshots

This is a simple unofficial electronic version of the Singapore bus guide for access on mobile devices supporting Isilo reader or Plucker. Both reader file formats are available in either PPC/WinMob and Palm OS Devices. Isilo is also available for Symbian S60 3rd edition devices (Isilo for Symbian S60 3rd Edition).

The bus guide has the full listings by bus numbers and road names for both SBSTransit and SMRT bus services. It also lists bus services at specific bus stops plying specific roads to allow easy cross-referencing when planning bus transfers.

Disclaimer: The data for Singapore Bus Guide is presented as-is. The author does not warrant the accuracy of the data provided or any failure resulting from its use. Use at your own risk.

The files are offered free-of-charge for personal use. Please feel free to share and pass it around.

Download the Singapore Bus Guide for Isilo or Plucker.

You will require the respective etext readers depending on the version you download. Follow instructions as per your device's OS for transferring programs and databases.

You may download the respective programs from the following sites.

Isilo format: Isilo reader, for both PPC/WinMob and Palm OS Devices. Non-free software.
Isilo for Symbian S60 3rd Edition. Non-free software.
Plucker format: Plucker, for Palm OS. GPL Free software.
For PPC Windows Mobile users, use Vade Mecum. Free software.

Tips for Palm OS users

For Palm OS users, you may pair it off with the Bus Guide for Palm. This Bus Guide app allows you to find the connecting buses based on your origin and destination point. Do note that this program has not been updated for a long time so it may not give correct results. However it can roughly help you to plan the general route you can take to you reach your destination especially for unfamiliar locations.

Singapore Bus Guide in HTML format

This version is specifically catered for 'the rest of us' who do not use Palm or Windows Mobile devices but have devices such as Symbian OS phones with web browsers that have the ability to read HTML files. It also provides a means for users to easily convert it to other file formats.

For Symbian S60 OS users

To use the HTML files, copy all the files in a folder on your phone memory or memory card. Use the file manager to locate the folder and execute busguideindex.html. It should launch the browser with the bus guide main page. Bookmark the current page so you can easily access it via the web browser. Alternatively, you can manually create the bookmark in the S60 web browser using the address "E:/yourfolder/busguideindex.html"(omit quotes) where yourfolder is the name of the folder where the files are placed.

Download the HTML version here.
Other useful stuff

For the MRT guide, refer to this excellent app called MetrO.

If you have any feedback or comments, click here.

Credits: Thanks to Ethan Tan, the developer of Bus Guide for Palm, for developing the original parser.


Update (2 May 2010): General bus service updates. (354 buses, 781 roads, 5619 stops).

Update (8 June 2009): General bus service updates. (355 buses, 774 roads, 5610 stops).

Important note: There is currently no identifier for Premium flat fare services however it can be located for services with "0.0" for all fare stages.

Update (17 July 2008): General bus service updates. (360 buses, 771 roads, 5608 stops). Removed debugging comments from HTML code(road lists).

Update (4 November 2007): General bus service updates. (327 buses, 763 roads, 5555 stops).

Update (17 July 2007): General bus service updates. (325 buses, 769 roads, 5539 stops). Fixed broken StopID code caused by new fare calculation column. Removed debugging comments from HTML code(bus lists).

Update (16 May 2007): General bus service updates. (310 buses, 770 roads, 5573 stops)

Update (23 March 2007): General bus service updates. (317 buses, 767 roads, 5589 stops). Fixed missing road name for first bus stop in direction 2.

Update (29 January 2007): General bus service updates. (316 buses, 766 roads, 5610 stops)

Update (20 July 2006): General bus service updates.

Update (27 March 2006): General bus service updates. Tidied up data in road index. Removed bookmarks for Isilo, found to be redundant.

Update (16 December 2005): General bus service updates

Update (14 November 2005): Minor update for Plucker version. Added link to jump between route directions.

Update (26 October 2005): General bus service updates

Update (20 August 2005): General bus service updates

Update (28 March 2005): General bus service updates and correction of certain errors caused by poor code during compiling.

Update (11 March 2005): General bus service updates

Update (22 October 2004): High-res font support for Isilo(for supported devices). More detailed cross referencing by bus stops instead of roads. Separated individual alphabetized list of roads with bus stops for faster retrieval. Added bookmarks for quick access to index pages (for Isilo).

Updated (13 October 2004): Included cross referencing to road index for bus routes.

Updated (4 October 2004): Latest bus service changes. New reader version! Singapore Bus Guide for Plucker.

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