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Friday, January 23, 2009

Never get lost in Singapore

This is a collection of sites for information to help you get around Singapore such as street maps and public transport info.

SinGeo: Collection of location tools and services for Singapore

Street maps
www.map.gov.sg/: Singapore maps by Singapore Land Authority
mylifestylemap.com (formerly can.com.sg)

Google Maps Mashups

Public transport

Friday, January 09, 2009

Palm reboots itself with WebOS and Pre

Palm has finally returned to its roots with a spanking new OS and device after almost half a decade of mediocre smartphone offerings and even embracing Windows Mobile. I think can hear all the Palm loyalists give a sigh of relieve that this was not another Foleo tragedy.

Palm's new multi-tasking OS named WebOS powers the new slick Palm Pre smartphone. The gorgeous new user interface is intuitive and provides the user with a natural way of navigating through gestures using swipes and flicks reminiscent of iPhone. The Pre is smooth and rounded on all sides like a cute pebble you can hold snugly in the hand. It slides out to display the famed Treo style full QWERTY keyboard and is curved to fit the curvature of your face. This is truly a work of love and Palm really deserves all the praise. Great work Palm, you are finally back!

Palm Pre Press Release | Palm Pre website