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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get more space on SugarSync

SugarSync is an online data storage service with backup and sync features and has good support for mobile devices.

SugarSync is currently having a referral program where you can get an additional 500MB for every free service referral. Go here to signup.

Every time you refer a friend that isn’t yet signed up on SugarSync, we’ll give you and your friend bonus storage space. And for the next 30 days, the bonus amounts are double the size, with no limits on how many people you can refer.

* If you refer a friend that signs up for a Free account, you will earn 500 MB of free bonus storage.
* If you refer a friend that signs up for a Paid account, you can earn 10 GB of free bonus storage (requires that your friend completes the 30-day trial and becomes a paid user).
* When your friend signs up using your referral, he/she will also get a signup bonus of 500 MB or 10GB, depending on whether they sign up for a free vs. paid account.

After July 15th, the bonuses will drop down to 250 MB for a free referral and 5GB for a paid referral, so act fast.

For more details about this referral program, check here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Gnubox in use" error

Gnubox corrupted and stuck in BT/Auto mode.

Solution: "Delete records" under Install option from Gnubox. Create new Access point named "Bt". Run Gnubox and change mode.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moved to Dropbox

Google announced the termination of their Google Pages service to all users recently and provided an option to migrate to its Google Sites. I store most of the file downloads found on this blog and it is most unfortunate since I loved its simplicity. Google Sites is a Wiki and not exactly a good place for general file storage. I have looked at other similar free storage offerings and eventually decided on Dropbox (get an addional 250MB space with this link!). I have an account with them since its beta days and finally there is a reason to use them.

Get Dropbox!

PS: I have no affiliation with the Dropbox service. The referral link gives new account holders additional 250MB over the free 2GB and also gives me an additional 250MB.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

FreeCaller - a free full screen caller photo app

A good free app to make incoming calls display a full photo of the caller.

FreeCaller is an open source symbian application for Nokia S60 3rd Edition phones, that displays a full screen caller photo on incoming calls. It uses pre-attached photos, and its own incoming call screen, that replaces the native nokia "bubble". The screen displays a full scale photo of the caller, its name and phone number.
Get it from freecaller.wiki.sourceforge.net This is one more addition to my freeware for S60 collection.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Youtube goes native for S60

Youtube has released a new Youtube app which is now a native S60 app and is 90% faster than its previous Java version. Use your phone and download from http://m.youtube.com. You may also download the SIS file from here.

Read more [Youtube blog]

I have tried it out and it is really much faster at streaming Youtube video on a S60 device with this new app than before. The menus are very responsive and not sluggish like the previous Java version. However I still prefer emTube which unfortunately has been broken due to Youtube site changes and the developer has been MIA.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Never get lost in Singapore

This is a collection of sites for information to help you get around Singapore such as street maps and public transport info.

SinGeo: Collection of location tools and services for Singapore

Street maps
www.map.gov.sg/: Singapore maps by Singapore Land Authority
mylifestylemap.com (formerly can.com.sg)

Google Maps Mashups

Public transport

Friday, January 09, 2009

Palm reboots itself with WebOS and Pre

Palm has finally returned to its roots with a spanking new OS and device after almost half a decade of mediocre smartphone offerings and even embracing Windows Mobile. I think can hear all the Palm loyalists give a sigh of relieve that this was not another Foleo tragedy.

Palm's new multi-tasking OS named WebOS powers the new slick Palm Pre smartphone. The gorgeous new user interface is intuitive and provides the user with a natural way of navigating through gestures using swipes and flicks reminiscent of iPhone. The Pre is smooth and rounded on all sides like a cute pebble you can hold snugly in the hand. It slides out to display the famed Treo style full QWERTY keyboard and is curved to fit the curvature of your face. This is truly a work of love and Palm really deserves all the praise. Great work Palm, you are finally back!

Palm Pre Press Release | Palm Pre website