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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A tip for storing numbers

This is a neat yet obvious tip over at S60.com that's possible on any phone that records dialed numbers.

A tip for storing numbers: hotel room, taxi order etc. When ordering a taxi, the operator gives me a number (usually three digits) so that know which taxi is for me. It's essential information but needed only for max 10-15 minutes. As I have a bad memory, I make a call to that number and immediately hang-up. This way, the number is available in my made calls should I need it. No need for pen and paper. Works also for storing hotel room numbers etc. Any other tips for doing this?

I never found the need to use this since I can easily access the notes app. But this method is possibly the simplest and fastest way to store adhoc numbers on almost any phone.

Alternatively, you can use the camera like the guy in this ad to break the language barrier.


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