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Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to install Java midlets on Samsung phone

I just got a Samsung D830 and was wondering why I could not install Java midlets. Its great that Howard Forums has the answer.

From Howard Forums:

1) Type in the code *#9998*52824678255# (which reads *#9998*JAVAINSTALL# )
2) Your phone should return with 'Activated'
3) Now using Bluetooth or USB cable, connect to your phone (IR probably works too)
4) If you have a game as .jar, but don't have a .jad file, use JadMaker to create one (draw the .jar file to it and it will generate a .jad file for you).
5) Copy the .jar AND .jad file of the game into the map called "Other Documents" on your phone.
6) Now on your phone under 'My Files' browse to the 'Other Documents' map and doubleclick on the just copied .jad file.
7) The phone will ask you if you want to Install the game.
8) After Install you will find the game under Games on your phone.
9) You can now remove the just copied .jar and .jad file again (they were only there to install the game onto your phone).

PS: If it doesn't work on your Samsung phone even if its same as mine, either you did it wrongly or its telco locked. All I know is it worked on mine and a few others


Anonymous said...

thank u i will try it right now

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, this code work very good

Anonymous said...

it still not working.. it says rejected by network

Anonymous said...

thnku....boss..u rock..

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot

Kirti Kalla said...

i have got samsung star mobile. .jar apps are not installing in my mobile. i have copied them into my mobile but each time at installing it says "file not supported".
help me how to install such apps!

Anonymous said...

haw can i install java applications an my Samsung f 480i phone

Dev said...

i have corby pro is there any code for this mobile plz tll me

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for SGH-X700

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for 707sc

Anonymous said...

what do you mean type in the code? type it then press call or send it through text? thanks

Roy said...

You type in as you normally do to dial a number to call out.

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