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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Singtel MobileM@il: Free mobile email access

Singtel Mobile is offering its push-email for free with ad support. You need to subscribe to the service and download the Java midlet to access emails. Accessing the WAP portal to subscribe to the service will incur standard GPRS charges but after that GPRS access via the email app is free - this is the attractive part of this service.

The setup is pretty painless if your device is supported. I tried it on my Motorola E398 which is not on the supported devices list but it works well although its a bit slow which is due to my phone's poor processor.

You can access emails from SingNet, GMail, Yahoo and a few other supported accounts for up to 5 email accounts. You can perform the usual simple email tasks such as composing and checking emails. A major annoyance would be the ad space takes up almost half of the screen space when in email view which is a bit of a pain when reading emails. Alas there's little to complain since its free.

You can subscribe to the Singtel MobileM@il service here.


Anonymous said...

hi, im probably late to realise this Mobile Mail function, just got it started 2 days ago.

But did you know, although they say reading n sending emails are free, you'll still have to pay data charges when u access your email account (i.e when u login from your cell phone)?

I was thinking maybe if I start the application, login to my email account and never ever end the application (i.e. never log out), maybe I'll just have to pay data charges once - when I first login. Hehe. Wonder if it works.

Roy said...

What I understand is that any access within the Mobilemail app is free. Its been specifically mentioned in the FAQ. I have yet to verify it since my data usage is very low and I can't see any disparity unless I totally don't access data outside Mobilemail. :)

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