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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let Google make your website mobile-friendly

I suppose this is old news but I found an entry over at PalmAddict where a Palm user had an app called Moxy which is a proxy launcher based on Google's mobile to access the web on his Treo 680. Intrigued, I decided to check it out. One link led to another and I found out you don't even need this app. The Moxy site even has its web version.

The URL is http://www.google.com/gwt/n and bookmark the page since its not a straighforward URL. The page loads a form with a space for your URL to load, a checkbox option to omit images and of course a "Go" submit button. It will then load a mobile-friendly version of your website and all the links on the page are appended with the proxy redirects. Actually it does exactly what Skweezer does but I prefer the Google's no-frills start page.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Move to new Blogger template complete

After much hesitation, I have migrated the old template to the new Blogger. The change is not drastic since I have retained the theme and most of it is in the back-end with the use of layout elements. Most obvious change would be the use of labels and collapsible archive list which are prominent features in new Blogger.