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Friday, January 19, 2007

Going mobile with Opera Mini and GMail

It is getting easier to get on the web with your mobile phone thanks to great connectivity software that will allow you to surf the web and check email on your Java-enabled phone. You don't need any fancy high-end expensive smartphone to do it as most new phones come with Java support out-of-the-box. Now all you need is to install Opera Mini by Opera and GMail app by Google by simply loading the following URLs into your phone's webbrowser. It will check your phone's make and prompt you to download the correct version for your phone.

Best thing of all, the apps are free.

Opera Mini by Opera - http://www.operamini.com/
The default phone browser on your cheap phone is usually horrid. It is slow and navigation is a pain. Opera mini is an excellent browser for viewing on the tiny screen of your mobile phone as it reformats the webpages via its server. It also cuts down the unnecessary bits of code usually required to render on a standard web browser on your PC and this can save you time and money if you are on a data plan that charges by time or volume.

GMail app by Google - http://gmail.com/app
It is actually not necessary to have the GMail app but it is especially useful if you have a GMail account(Everybody should have one. :) ). The Opera mini browser is still able to access the GMail Mobile site or any of your favourite web emails easily.


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