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Monday, July 10, 2006

tejpwriter, text editor for Palm

tejpwriter is a nifty text editor and viewer for your general plaintext document needs. If you work with text documents often, this is an excellent program to add to your Palm.

I have tried a few other similar apps but they are either too basic(Cardtext) or too confusing(like Palmfiction). tejpwriter has a simple yet attractive UI with almost everything you need to edit your text documents. It can supposedly even read Word docs albeit with some mangled codes but I have yet to test it out. It even has a built-in thumbboard for those who prefer thumb typing. Best of all its GPLed and FREE! Highly recommended.



jb said...

Great tip, Roy. It's the best editor for Palm I've ever seen and here's the first place I've read about it. Now I can write all important stuff on my PC with jEdit (task, reference, projects, GTD etc), sync with my Palm and even edit it with tejpwriter. Tks a lot!

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