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Friday, February 24, 2006

Showtimes script for Singapore Cinemas

This is a perl script to grab movie schedules and info for use with the Showtimes application for Palm OS. This has been modified to handle the new Yahoo! Movies layout.

Download the latest sgyahoo perl script now.


You may follow the install instructions for Showtimes found here.


Use the following URLs for this script when setting up Showtimes in Hotsync Manager:

Today's info - http://sg.movies.yahoo.com/showtimes
Tomorrow - http://sg.movies.yahoo.com/showtimes?d=1
The day after - http://sg.movies.yahoo.com/showtimes?d=2

Use all 3 urls for all three days' data.

Movie Info & Plots

This has been enabled by default. To disable plots, open sgyahoo.pm with notepad or any ASCII text editor and change "my $mplot = 0"; to "my $mplot = 1"; then save the file (ignore all quotes). Note that plots will take a longer time to complete.

Open getdata.cfg in Showtimes folder and check that the line "EXTRAMOVIEINFO 1" is present. If its "EXTRAMOVIEINFO 0", change to 1. (Ignore all quotes)

Copy errors after running getdata.exe

The Showtimes hotsync conduit may have problems with latest versions of the Palm Hotsync Manager in Palm Desktop. The common issue is failure to copy to the install folder. In such a case, you will need to perform it manually or follow the directions found here.

You will need to disable the showtimes conduit from within hotsync manager (note to check the default box) and do the following changes to the getdata.cfg:

1. Change "flipreg 1" to "flipreg 0"
2. Change "DESTDIR" following the instructions there, ie. "DESTDIR c:\palm\[your username]\install"
3. Use your Windows task scheduler or startup batch to autorun the program.