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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Singapore Public Holidays for Palm

This will be the permalink for all future updates.

I have created DBA files for use in Palm Desktop with the public holidays for every year. You will find DBA files for public holidays and school holidays (phXXXX.dba and shXXXX.dba respectively where XXXX denotes the calendar year for that file).

Public Holidays 2012 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2011 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2010 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2009 with School Holidays

Public Holidays 2008 with School Holidays

Launch Palm Desktop and import the file into your Datebook/Calendar. Data obtained from www.sg and MOE website.

To keep updated on future updates, just visit here by year's end to see if the following year's files are added. If not then just leave a comment to remind me. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Roychang, Thank you for the public holiday calendar, really useful for my treo 650, appreciate it alot :)

Anonymous said...


Will you be coming our one for 2009? :-)


Anonymous said...

As before thanks so much this updates!!! Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering. Will you be doing one for 2010?

Roy said...

A bit late with the 2010 update. :P Migrated to Windows 7 so some delay with installing Palm Desktop.

Rohan said...

Will you be doing one for 2011?

Roy said...

Done. :) Next time remind me earlier! lol

Rohan said...

Hi, sorry to bother you again. You giving up on Palm or will you be doing one for 2012?

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