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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Scheduled Hotsync on Palm

I have been looking around for some solution to perform proper scheduled hotsync on my Palm for quite some time and finally found the answer after listening to the latest 1src.com Podcast about scheduled VFS backup. It uses a free app called Crony which can schedule simple tasks like playing back alarm or executing your apps at predetermined times. And best of all its FREE! :)

Once you have installed Crony, you setup a new task. Set the checkbox to start app and select Hotsync as the app, click button and use 1003 for ID(I took some time to trial and error just to find that ID). Set the times accordingly and set it to "ON" in the main screen. You may like to test it at least once by enabling "ALL" for the times to see if it works properly. Remember to reset the time after you have successfully tested it.

There are probably other dedicated apps out there that work just a well but so far this is one of the best apps I have found. You really can't beat FREE. ;)