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Friday, October 28, 2005

PDF on Palm

You could say native support for PDF files is sorely lacking for Palm OS devices. You can certainly use great document viewers like Repligo to convert and view but that requires one extra step to reach your PDF content. There is however a way to get that feature back on your Palm.

Some time back when Sony was a Palm OS licensee with their Clie line, they provided a software called Picsel Browser that enables one to view native PDF including a few other document formats like Word. With Sony Clie no more in the picture and the company behind the Picsel Browser, Picsel Technologies, providing the software in specific devices, Palm users are left in the cold.

Now some Palm enthusiasts managed to extract that software and make it functional on other Palm OS devices. And couple with the aid of a software called CodeDiver, Picsel Browser can now be used in fullscreen mode. Here's a screen capture of my Zodiac with an opened PDF in fullscreen glory.

PS: Due to copyright issues, do not request for the files here. Remember, Google is your friend.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Controlling your desktop with Palm

I have been looking around for Palm software that can allow me to control the PC desktop via bluetooth using the Palm, somewhat like a remote controller. Many would recommend VNC like PalmVNC but the speed over BT is terrible. A WIFI connection and a fast processor is highly recommended since it literally projects your PC screen on your Palm. Falling short of these requirements will result in a less than desirable experience. There has to be a better remote control softaare.

Recently Salling Clicker, which has been available for the Mac, released its Windows version. You can use PDA devices like Palm or WM and even certain models of mobile phones. It includes three controls for iTunes, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint within the standard install which work very well. Also included are mouse control and a few system controls like shutdown and volume mute. Its possible to extend it to work on other applications but some level of Jscript or Vbscript is required so most consumers will just have to wait for more scripts to be released to support their favourite software. At the price tag of US$23.95 its too pricey for its limited control support. But its simplicity and usability is excellent for no fuss operation.

Finally we come to a good free Palm software that can literally do what your mouse and keyboard can by using the Palm. Pebbles Remote Commander transmits to the PC the movements and taps of the stylus and characters entered into the PDA. It includes access to a full map QWERTY keyboard which include access to keys like key modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) and the directional control keys.

Overall I would use both Salling Clicker and Remote Commander depending on the PC software I wish to control.