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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Singapore CableTV Schedules

I have made a page which self-updates with direct links to the Starhub CableTV channels for quick access. All links point direct to the respective programme schedules on Starhub's website so nothing is stored on server. This was initially created to provide easy access to pages for offline viewing on PDAs. It may also be used to quickly access all relevant channels which the user has subscribed to.

You may access the links with this if you only need the basic package channels. You may access the additional channels here. The numbers (ie. 1234567) at the end of the URL denote the additional channels and you may omit the channels you do not require, ie. 123 or 3567 or 357 etc. Play around with the numbers and it should be obvious to you. You are advised to select the channels you need to reduce the time for retrieving them.

There are also parameter options that include showing schedules for 2 days and a week by appending &period=2days or &period=wk at the end. See the following:

Schedules for 2 days

Schedules for the week

NOTE: Please be gentle with Starhub's server by not downloading all channels for the entire week if you are using for an offline reader. Limit yourself to a 2 days option since the more channels means a longer time to download.

Do leave comments and feedback with the "Post comment" with this blog entry if you notice any updates or errors not reflected in the channel schedules.


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